The Annual General Assembly Sunday 21/01/2018

This year’s Annual General Assembly was held on 21/01/2018  at Amahoro Stadium  Minispoc conference room the meeting started  at 9.00am and ended at 1pm.

The Assembly approved the 2018-2019 Action plan, the strategic plan four years until 2020, the meeting also elected a new treasurer of Rwanda Rugby Federation, Ihirwe Delphine and Ibemaso Ernestine as Secretary of Dispute Committee. The assembly also approved that the MINDSKY RUGBY NATIONAL LEAGUE will start on 17/2/2018.

The participants were the club presidents of the following:

  1. REMERA BUFFLOES RFC   ( Akami Makombe Benjamin)
  2. KIGALI SHARKS RFC (Ugeziwe Janvier )
  3. LION DE FER RFC (Bimenyimana Janvier)
  4. PUMA RFC (Nizeyimana Alex)
  5. MUHANGA THUNDERS RFC (Hakizimana Laurien)
  6. THOUSAND HILLS RFC (Shema Serge)
  7. UR GRIZILLES  RFC (Mudaheranwa Jean  Claude)
  8. RESILIENCE RFC ( Ufitimfura Donatien

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