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The First games of the National League

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Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of January 2016 mark the days when the first games of the National League 2016 kicked off.

There was a delay of the league due to the preparations of different teams, but on Saturday, in the Southern province, Muhanga RFC hosted the Kamonyi Pumas RFC. despite the heavy rain, teams were ready to play to start the league with a challenge. Puma RFC, which had more new players and young compare to the host Muhanga, shown that they can dominate and continue to move forward. It was a very tight game and the host did not want t loose in front of their fans and most importantly the first game of the league. Both teams scored one try each, but there had to be only one winner and the Kamonyi Pumas RFC was fortunate to win 11-10 over Muhanga RFC.

In Kigali, this same day, the Lions de Fer RFC was supposed to play against the defending champions Remera Buffaloes RFC but the game was postponed until the 30th, January 2016.

On Sunday, in  Kigali, the Kigali Sharks RFC hosted the Thousand Hills RFC  at UTEXRWA, it was a good game to watch. The game was delayed by the rain, but the referee ITANZI Jean Baptiste decided to start it.                                   In the first half, both teams were strong on defense and the 40 minutes ended with neither team made any point to its opponent. In the second half, the Kigali Sharks players like Issa GATERA and Jean de Dieu HAKIZIMANA shown that they are effective in both attack and defense with several strong drives forward but did not manage to score against a well positioned defense of Thousand Hills RFC. Instead, the Thousand Hills RFC put their effort in attack, they won most of the scrums and line outs this disturbed the defense of the host and BIGIRIMANA Jaques, the winger of THRFC passed through the defense line and beat the last man at full back position to score an amazing try which was well converted by ISIMBI Carlos who afterwords added 3 more points to his team to finish with a 10-0 lead.

The man of the match was SIBOMANA Christian, a THRFC second raw.

Below is how the league table looks like:





National League 2016



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